Written Resources and Records

These archived documents include a wide variety of Myles Brand’s written works, such as articles written for publication, speeches he gave at public appearances, and even an excerpt from one of his books. Here you will also find related articles that feature Brand’s quotes and works as well as transcripts from his podcasts and interviews he gave over the years.

All document materials are available to download and use for educational purposes.


“APR: Mission Accomplished,” Champion Magazine

July 1, 2009

“To Rooney or Not to Rooney,” Huffington Post

July 6, 2009

“Maybe Two Is More Than Twice as Good as One,” Huffington Post

September 16, 2009

ESPN Richard Lapchick Tribute

September 17, 2009

Essays on “The Legacy of Myles Brand,” NCAA Tribute Book

October 28, 2009

Indiana University Press Release: “IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center Myles Brand Chair in Cancer Research”

October 28, 2009

“Myles Brand: In His Own Words,” NCAA Publication of Excerpts from His Speeches

October 28, 2009

“Myles, Looking North-Northwest from the Rincons: To the memory of Myles Brand,” by Garrett Hongo

October 28, 2009

“One year later, Brand is still making a difference,” NCAA Champion Magazine, p. 12, by Gary Brown

September 1, 2010

NCAA Myles Brand Building Dedication Poster in Indianapolis, IN

June 19, 2012